Backed by dermatologists

Dr. Justine Hextall,
Consultant Dermatologist,
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

“We all know how important it is to look after our skin in the sun. But the latest innovations in sun care mean that we are able to re-evaluate and make more informed choices to get the best protection for ourselves and our families.”

“Standard sun screens work by blocking and absorbing UV energy rays. Some ingredients act as tiny mirrors to reflect and scatter the radiation, whilst other ingredients absorb some of the radiation like a sponge, dissipating its heat.

UV-A and UV-B are therefore blocked and absorbed at the surface of the skin. What traditional sun screens do is create a physical barrier on and within the epidermis.” (Diagram 1)

“Standard sun screens do not protect against Infrared-A because the rays cannot be blocked, so protection must take place inside the cell. Infrared-A damage is caused by free-radicals overwhelming the body’s own antioxidant defences, leading to the release of an aggressive enzyme which attacks collagen and elastin.

This latest technology means that you can now protect yourself against harmful Infrared-A rays, as well as UV-A and UV-B.

By using a sun care brand that includes Infrared Defence (IR-DTM), like Ladival, you will be getting protection from the broadest range of the sun’s rays.” (Diagram 2)